Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cohen: 1 Year, 3 Months

Cohen has improved his walking/running so much this month and has also mastered going up and down stairs (backwards down the stair). We can't leave the gate at the basement stairs open quite yet, but it's nice he can manage the 3 steps up to the stage in the theater room and getting on and off the deck. As you can see, he is also pretty good at climbing onto his little plastic table and standing up! One night he got up and down from this table about 25x in a row. Good workout!

The weather teased us with a few nice days and he loved getting outside for a stroller ride and to swing in the backyard. Pretty soon we'll be able to get rid of that winter hat for good!

Cohen is finally trying to add to his 8 teeth by showing some evidence that a few molars are just poking through, but that combined with the time change has made sleeping a little more of a challenge this month.

Cohen also continues to be pretty stubborn in the vocabulary department. He'll say "uh-oh" and sometimes "ba" for ball and "mana" for banana/food in general, but that's pretty much it. Not even a mama or dada!  He can wave bye-bye or night-night and blow a kiss, but won't say the words. He definitely knows what we're saying, though because he can follow instructions or go to the right room when we say it's time for lunch/bath/diaper change, etc.

I've noticed him getting a little pickier with food lately, but he usually eats enough of something we're serving to get by. He can feed himself yogurt with a spoon and poke bananas or pancakes with a fork, but often resorts to his fingers when he can get away with it.

Cohen loves throwing balls, playing with Jake's pirate ship, messing with crayons, putting the marbles down the marble run (supervised), putting Hot Wheels down the wall track, and playing the songs on his musical book. He will swing side-to-side, clap, and dance whenever music plays. He also likes climbing in and out of boxes and with balloons.

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