Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June photos

Here are some other fun June activities.
Playing with a water bowl.
Improvised Armor

Thinks Walmart cards are amusement rides!

Cohen reading to his baby thithter

Enjoying a hot dog at dad's JH baseball tourney

Beach at Paullina on a Sunday evening
Beach babe
Tin can...


Mr. Freezes and pool toys.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Happy Father's Day to this great Dad from your 3 munchkins!

After grilling steaks for lunch, we headed to Hull where Adam went golfing with my dad and Wade while the kids and I headed to Abbie's for some sprinkler time.
Then, we went to my parent's new house for supper and time together. The kids loved being together and it was a fun time just hanging out.
Trying out grandma's slushies.
Avonlea smiling at grandpa.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baby Shower and Risefest

We had an eventful Saturday with lots of fun and traveling.

Adam's Mom and I made a 2.5hour drive to Adam's cousin's baby shower and it was awesome meeting baby Lily!

Aunt Connie, Cousin Ashley, Lily, me, Avonlea, Sue
 Meanwhile, Adam's dad came over to help install our new basketball hoop. They sent me a picture of the inaugural shot.
Our new adjustable basketball hoop on freshly poured cement in the backyard.
Then, the boys headed to Risefest to check out the inflatables, cupcake decorating, and tee-shirts before the kids stuff closed. Avonlea and I joined them later and they had fun listening to several bands, especially Rend Collective who played their favorite song, My Lighthouse. Although it was hot, we created some shade with the stroller and the kids did even better than expected. We left before the late concert in a "quit while you're ahead" signature move and it made a great ending to a fun day!

Bros listening to songs. 
Risefest selfie
Cool dude rockin' the aviators.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Cohen: 2 Years, 6 months

Cohen spent the last month playing at soccer games, exploring outside, being silly, talking to Avonlea, and having fun playing with cousins.

Cohen definitely recognizes towns and buildings and knows if we were on our way to daycare or church or Grandpa or Grandma's. He really enjoys going to nursery at church (and running around after church) and really dislikes holding our hand when going through parking lots.
At Ryan's soccer game

Brushing his teeth with a funny after-bath hair style.

A rare occurence of conking out on the floor- he usually takes a 2-hour nap after lunch.
At the park celebrating Madie's birthday.

Long day of birthday party and shopping in Sioux City.

At Ryan's Bible-School family supper. He said "Don't touch my Cheetos, Mommy!" Guilty.

Cohen will often go back to eating his supper even after dessert. In this cae, asking for more broccoli after eating an Oreo.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Avonlea: 7 Months Old

Little missy is 7 months old and still very much a sweetheart. She loves to watch her brothers play and is pretty content just sitting on the floor with toys around her or sitting in the stroller while we play outside. She is sitting up well and can roll both ways but not traveling much. She did learn to clap this month and loves to tilt her head to smile at you!

She has been consistently taking naps around 9 and 1 for 1.5hours up to 2 hours and goes to bed around 8:00. She has tried a few new foods and is getting the hang of it but it quite a mess-pot, wanting to grab the spoon or clamping her mouth shut.

We are continuing to love trying out new outfits now that warmer weather is here although the biker shorts I bought for her do nothing for her multi-roll thighs.

Here are a few more 7-month snaps of our sweetie:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ryan: 5 Years, 8 Months

Ryan's month had some big "endings."  He had his last day of preschool and although he said he'll miss his friends there, some of them he'll see in Kindergarten next year or at town events.

Another ending was saying good-bye to his daycare provider who is moving on to another adventure. We are grateful for having a safe and loving place for our kids this year. The kids are looking forward to spending time at home this summer with a babysitter and Adam.

During the spring, Ryan participated in his first town recreation program with soccer one night/week. He had fun learning about dribbling and shooting and manager to score a goal or two during the practice games they played. As you can see from the picture, he liked to practice bouncing it off his head too, although that never seemed to come into play during the games.

Other things Ryan has enjoyed is "showing off his baby sister," luring his brother into playing games with ever-changing rules, and practicing riding his bike. He is really looking forward to all that summer brings!