Sunday, November 16, 2014

Avonlea: 1 week old

Loves sleeping in her Rock and Play!

Ryan snuggles

First trip to church (slept through the whole thing)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Going home!

We waited around on Sunday for Avonlea to get checked by the doctor so we could be released. She was released at 6 lbs. 9oz. (lost 5oz. from birth) but was really healthy and eating well.  We tried to take a family picture when the boys visited in the morning, but they were less than cooperative, so the only shot I have are these sweet ones of Cohen.

Leaving the hospital!

The first 2 days at home, Adam was still home from school, so all 5 of us were home together. It made it a little more difficult to rest and recover, but it was nice to have some time together as a family. The boys did a great job adjusting and love showing off their sister. We were also grateful for some meals brought in by our church and work to make cooking less stressful the first few days.

Here are some pictures from Avonlea's first week at home.

She looks so tiny on the changing table!

This looked familiar for some reason...
,,,,Ryan at the same age.

Avonlea Elizabeth

We agreed on the name "Avonlea" back in July.  It is pronounced "Av-(like Avenue)-ehn-lee".  This is the setting of the classic literature series "Anne of Green Gables" on Prince Edward Island. I loved the character of Anne Shirley and loved the name Avonlea even more when I found this meaning:

"A return to childlike faith, simple beauty, noble purity, and compassion for the least"

We had not originally intended to use my middle name (Elizabeth) for a daughter, but it took on more meaning when Adam's grandma passed away last April before we had announced our pregnancy and her middle name was also Elizabeth. My maternal grandmother's middle name was Beth as well, so it seemed like a nice fit, especially since our boys have family middle names as well.

Here are more pictures of Avonlea's first days.

After her bath and freshly washed hair!

Ready to go home!

Avonlea meets her family

Our family of five.
The boys love their little sister!
Big Brother
New Big Brother

Grandma had been in OC making food at our house and transporting Ryan to preschool, so she came over right away to meet her new granddaughter.
Grandpa came the night she was born after finishing up some corn hauling.

Grandma picked up the boys from daycare and brought them to the hospital.
Grandpa was working YATEC but snuck away in the afternoon to come to the hospital.
Ryan and Cohen got to spend 2 nights at Grandpa and Grandma's house, then went to my parents on Sunday until they met us at home at night. We are thankful for all the help from family!
Avonlea was born on Great Aunt Leah's birthday!
My sister's family came to visit the first night.
Stopping by on Saturday before the USD game.
Andy, Kim and Madie visited on Sunday.
Uncle Andy
Aunt Kim
Cousin Madie
Emily, Lincoln and Megan came to visit the next weekend!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Avonlea - birth story

Avonlea Elizabeth 
6 lbs. 14 oz. 

40 weeks - leaving for hospital
The last few weeks of my pregnancy found me anxious, excited, and waiting for labor to start at any time. Since Cohen was 5 days early, I was partially expecting our little girl to follow suit. It ended up being a blessing that we had plenty of time at home and work to get ready for her arrival. After several discussions with my doctor, we decided to schedule an induction for my due date, November 7. My mom came early that morning to get the boys ready for preschool and daycare and we left for the hospital shortly before 7am.
After checking in, I had to be monitored for an hour and we found that I was already having contractions, although they were 7-8 minutes apart and I couldn't feel them at all. It was nice to know my body was signalling that it was ready for labor! After seeing the Dr. and getting some medicine at 8:15, I had to wait another hour to see if contractions would pick up. They did. They quickly accelerated to every 2-3 minutes but still weren't intolerable. The nurse anesthetist then stopped by and we decided to get everything prepped/tested for an epidural since my last 2 labors went too fast to get it placed. The test dose seemed to go fine and made my left side a little numb, but I was still able to walk around for about 45 minutes, even stopping to see my friend and her new little guy who was born the night before!

At 10:45am, we saw the Dr. again and decided to start pushing fluids in preparation for the epidural medicine and also break my water.  After getting about 30 minutes of fluid, they pushed the first bolus as well as starting the slow drip. I did not notice any decrease in pain and so they got the okay to push a second bolus. It was quickly obvious to me that this was not working. I was in as much pain during contractions as I had been with my last 2 medication-free labors, especially on the right side. Changing positions didn't help much and after consulting with the other anesthetist, they were given the okay to try a 3rd bolus. I pretty much knew that things were going too fast for any of this to make a difference, but I had mentally prepared to do this without an epidural and I'm glad I wasn't depending on it. Around noon, I knew I was nearing the end and she was finally born at 12:33pm.

Our little girl was 6 lbs. 14 oz (compared to Ryan- 8lbs. 3oz. and Cohen- 8 lbs.) and 21.5" long. I got to hold her for quite a while before they finished cleaning her up and doing the measurements. We noticed right away her nice dark hair and how she looked a lot like Ryan as a baby.  Here are a few pictures of her first hour of life.

Here's a quick side-by-side of Avonlea (left) and Ryan (right).

 We took a quick picture before moving to our room, then had some time to just get to know our little girl before calling our family.