Wednesday, May 20, 2015

House Rules

You know those signs with "House Rules" on it that say inspiring things like "In This House, we do Hugs"?  Great aspirations but can we get a reality check, please?  If our "house rules" were based solely on the "rules" that have come out of my mouth today, the list would look more like this:

  • Do not feed the non-marshmallow part of your Lucky Charms to the dog
  • Do not get dressed in full view of the front picture window
  • Do not eat your socks (okay, she's 6 months, we'll cut her some slack)
  • Do not spit up all over Mommy's pants 2 minutes before it's time to leave for work (again, unintentional, but still, it should be a law)
  • Do not use a coat hanger to stage an epic battle of Hook vs. Pan
  • Do not put tiny Legos in your mouth
  • Do not believe the public TV add that claims blending up a frozen banana for four minutes tastes like ice cream. They sleep on a bed of lies. 
  • Do not growl at me when I ask you if you want a muffin
  • When I say "Don't touch the pan, it's hot", don't check how hot it is...with your finger
  • Do not punch your brother in the face while we are praying
  • Do not claim that it wasn't his face, it was just his cheek
  • Do not keep your eyes crossed the whole time I am lecturing you 
  • Do not leave your chair or talk or move or make any sounds for three minutes while I wash the chocolate off your brother's fingers and figure out what to do with you.
  • When you promise you will not bother Dad when he's mowing, don't attack the mower with a snow shovel every time it goes past.
  • Do not roll marbles under the stove and then cry because they are "wost"
Is it bedtime yet?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was full of family gatherings. We had Adam's parents over to grill on Saturday night and grilled at Abbie's with my parents on Sunday. We are lucky to have our wonderful moms close by!
5 kids age 5 and under...only 1 crying isn't too shabby.

Grandma B!
Grandma B!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Avonlea: 6 Months Old

 Our little flower child is 6 months old already! It's cliche to say the time has gone fast, but it is honestly hard to believe. I feel like she's grown up a lot in the past month, pushing into 9 month clothes, pushing her self way up during tummy time, playing with toys, and giving us lots of smiles and laughs. Since I haven't had a lot of time to update the blog between monthly "updates", I'll post some of my favorite pictures of her from the past month here. We enjoy our sweet pea so much!
Flare jeans and flower child shirt.

Flower headband
Big bow for a little girl!

Look at me! I can push myself up!
Loves laughing at herself in the mirror!
Loves stroller rides, especially if you talk and smile at her.

Her little "floof" of hair at the top 
Had to get her a pizza shirt.

Never want to forget what she looks like when she falls asleep in my arms.
Sitting on the bed, helping me fold laundry.
Sunday dress.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Ryan: 5 Years, 7 months

The year is winding down for Ryan but he's had a few fun things going on. One thing he had fun doing was accompanying Adam to chaperone a Junior High dance. He had fun eating popcorn and watching a movie but also told me when he got home he was "exhausted" from dancing with all the girls. He'd kind of got a thing with Junior High girls.
Talking with his hands--just like his mom.
He's finishing up the year at preschool and really enjoyed a field trip to Pizza Ranch. They did a unit on careers and I was not surprised to see that on the "What I want to be when I grow up" poster, he answered "Chef." He has made it clear that he doesn't want to have any sort of job that involves "hard work" like construction or a fireman or a farmer.

Kindergarten Round-up
We had kindergarten screening and the teacher said he did great and is absolutely ready. When she asked him to count to 10, he counted to 100! He also got to attend kindergarten roundup and after a little hesitation in the van, he eventually warmed up and had a great morning. He knew lots of kids there from preschool, church, and the neighborhood. I really think he'll love it!

Another new interest he's had, which you will notice if you spend 5 minutes with him, is Transformers. There are a few kid-friendlier cartoons like "Rescue Bots" that we let him watch sometimes and now he pretends to transform into different vehicles and things, complete with sound effects. This is sometimes helpful like when he transfers into a bulldozer to pick things up or when we could convince him to carry a lawnchair on his back because he could then "transform" into a chair. It also sparks a lot of imagination building his own transformers with Legos. I could do with out the constant sound effects, but gives me hope that he might make it to "the Sing-off" as a beat-boxer someday.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Abbie and Wade invited us to go to the circus with them since they had access to free kid's tickets. Coincidentally, Ryan had just drawn a whole book that week about the circus and all the things it would have and asked if we could go to one sometime. After debating which of the kids could actually sit through it plus the car ride to Sioux Falls, we decided to just take them all and even though Cohen got antsy sometimes, I think they all had a fun time! We had pretty high corner seats in General Admission and I think they would have paid attention more if we were closer (or if anyone could understand the announcers at all) but they still had fun.

Waiting for the circus to start
Little circus girl slept or sat quietly through the whole thing!
Power kids with their little light-up toys
Cohen's turn with the light sword

Ryan wanted to try cotton candy (and Adam loves an excuse to buy it)

Cohen eating Wade's chips
We went to the afternoon show and decided to head home right afterwards which is good because the kids conked out in the car on the way. It was a fun outing for the day!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday and Anniversary

We celebrated my birthday by going out for Mexican food with both our parents and I brought these frosted tulips and butterflies to work. They were delicious, but MAN flooding frosting takes for-ev-er.

The next day, Adam took a day off and I left work at noon so we could head to Chanhassen, MN for the weekend. The boys switched off staying at grandparents and they had a great time while we got some time away to refresh and celebrate our 11th anniversary. We saw Mary Poppins at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and it was probably my favorite show yet. On Saturday we did a little shopping and then walked around Centennial Lakes park before eating supper at Houlihans and catching a movie. It was a nice weekend away getting to sleep in and eat full meals without interruption, not to mention having a full conversation!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cohen: 2 years, 4 months

I look at this little man and have to remind myself he is not even 2 and a half! He is quite talkative and keeps us laughing with his funny sayings and observations. One of the funny things he learned this month is "high five...on the side...down low...too slow!" He remembers a lot of people's names now and can tell us stories about what he did during the day or something he saw.

He can sing the ABC's and now counts objects up to 10. He tries to go higher, but it's a random combination of sounds ending in "teen". He loves eating breakfast and will ask for all kinds of things from yogurt, ce-rull (cereal - wucky chahms are his favorite but the box is now gone), egg bake, bana bread, and donuts on Saturdays--he somehow actually knows when it's Saturday!

We've had some nice days to play outside and he loves his bubble mower. He loves riding the plasma car down the street and we had to put it up on a shelf in the garage since he's snuck out of the backyard, grabbed it from the garage, and headed down the block before we even realized he was out of the sandbox before. That kid is fast!  He tolerates stroller rides but would much rather be powering his own vehicle.

He likes reading books at night--currently into Curious George "Costume Party"  and "On Top of Spaghetti" and he liked checking out some new flap books we're borrowing from Aunt Megan.

Frequent phrases from our little talker:

  • "What you talking about?"
  • "What dat for?" "What he name?" "I don't know ee-ver"
  • "She say no" (reporting back to "Ry-run" after he convince Cohen to come ask me if they can do something they probably shouldn't)
  • "I wanta summa da dat" (I want some of that)
  • "You bought some at da go-shee store?" (when we magically have more yogurt or cereal in the house)
  • "Mommy say shut-up" (He keeps saying this and I honestly can't remember ever saying this in front of the boys but Ryan is convinced I said it to Nika once...which is not totally out of the realm of possibility, but was more likely "Shut it" She probably deserved it, but regardless, you might hear this from just wanted to give you my side of the story! Little tattle-tale!)
  • "I got dat from my hair-cut" (his answer whenever you ask how he got an owie. No idea why.)
It gets a little loud in our house with 2 big talkers (and one little squawker) but it sure is helpful when he can communicate so clearly, like "I need more milk." "I'm ready to get out." and can defend himself somewhat against Ryan's side of stories. They fight like brothers at times, but can also play really well together and of course he loves his "this-ter".