Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

We attended the first service at our own church on Easter morning and it was a great service, except for that part where we lost Ryan for 5 minutes during the middle of the  singing. We were standing up singing with Ryan sitting in the chair between us working on his Children's bulletin and the next minute, I look all around and don't see him anywhere. We were in the last row before the "bar" where ppl sit on bar stools, so there was a wall behind us and we were in the middle of the row. After looking right, left, up, down, Adam finally left to go look out in the narthex-that-we-can't-call-a-narthex-instead-i-think-it's-the-Great-Hall?  After several minutes, I finally got all the way down to look under the chairs...and there he was. Totally sprawled out laying way under the chairs against the wall behind us. No way to see or feel him unless you totally squatted down. I quickly made him come up and sit and eventually motioned to Adam to come back in. The people behind us were probably laughing the whole time about our desperate search for our hiding son.

After Adam got home from working the Welcome Booth, we headed to his parents for pictures and Easter lunch. It's amazing to me that for as happy a baby Avonlea is, she isn't smiling in any of these pictures! Probably because we just had to take what we could get from her two uncooperative brothers.
Pay no attention to the man behind the tall grass.

Two Schmoes
Two Schmoes and a Baby
Threats were made, elbows were thrown, babies hung in the balance.
Big girl in a rocking chair.

Avonlea and Madilynn
Otherwise known as Avi and Madie!

Grandpa Mol and the 4 Boone great-grandkids.
We were so glad Grandpa Mol could come down for Easter. Great Uncle John drove him down halfway and we are so grateful for his help. It was hard remembering that last Easter was the last time we saw Grandma Mol and this month will be hard for Grandpa. But, what better reminder than Easter of the promise we have of new life in Christ!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Saturday

Great Aunt Connie meeting Avonlea

We spent Saturday with Adam's family. Connie, Chuck, Ashley and Brandon got to meet Avonlea for the first time! Madie and Avonlea also got to spend some quality time together while the boys played down by the creek with Grandpa.
Madie and Avonlea.
The boys' favorite part of the backyard.
After lots of stick-slapping and rock-throwing, the boys were hanging out on the bridge when we saw an oddly familiar shoe floating in the water. Somehow Cohen had managed to drop his shoe from his foot into the murk. So, while Ryan played soccer, Cohen was confined to the cement until his shoe dried.

He took full advantage of this and managed to cover a large surface area of cement, hoodie, and jeans with yellow chalk.  The boys also enjoyed an outdoor egg hunt and made out like bandits in the candy department.

I think the fresh air and all the playing wiped someone out. Cohen slept like this for over an hour right in the middle of all the hub-bub.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

On Good Friday, we had my family over for a grill-out and an Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had a great time playing together and it was nice to be together while my sister and her kids were home during their Easter break.

Grandma with the two little girls.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ryan: 5 Years, 6 Months

Ryan is officially 5 and a half! At times he acts like he should be in elementary school, like when he is making up (and solving) math story problems or explaining the main points to a long story I've just told. At other times, he is using his toe to "brush" his teeth or is hiding from us somewhere in our massive church after specifically being told to stay by us. *sigh*

We've had just enough of a taste of nice weather to look forward to what summer could bring. We had some great long walks where he either rode his bike or walked Nika. He is NOT interested in riding his bike without training wheels, or having help getting his little bike over the 4 feet of rutted dirt  the city left between the sidewalk next to our house and the lovely new road (juries out on when this will ever be connected).  In fact, I believe his quote was,"This is MY problem, and *I* need to solve it, NOT YOU!" Probably advice we could all use.

Ryan and Cohen have already spent hours in the sandbox and Ryan is just waiting until the bugs come back so he can hunt them down and starve them to death in his bug box. Despite his lack of empathy for crickets and other unfortunate captives, he has been very concerned lately with animals becoming extinct. We read a lot of wildlife books and we've seen some cool nature shows on Netflix, and he keeps asking what we can do to help the elephants or save the sharks, etc. I can tell he's really be wrestling with it because he posed the question, "Is it more important to make sure people have enough food to eat and things they need or more important to make sure animals habitats are protected so they don't become extinct?" Delicate balance, dude.

Inside, Ryan likes building things like forts, slides, obstacle courses, marble runs, elevators (bucket on a string hanging over the stairwell), etc.  I feel like he would enjoy a class like Physics, but never having taken any Science beyond 11th grade Chem, I really can't be sure. I feel like inclined planes are his jam, though.  He had a great time making up his own Lego creations too instead of following the directions which was a big step for this classic first-born.

Ryan really enjoys being the oldest at home, I think, and he is also one of the oldest kids in his preschool class and the oldest at daycare. As great as those experiences are, we've really noticed that he could probably benefit from playing with some older kids. We invited 2 of his friends from his old daycare over one Saturday and they had the best time. He'll also be playing soccer this Spring and tee-ball this summer with 5 & 6 year olds. He is really looking forward to Kindergarten and will have his screening and round-up day soon. Already he has informed us that he is most looking forward to recess and gym time, so I'm hoping the screeners are impressed by that fine academic ambition.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dr. Suess Night

Ryan's preschool held a "Dr. Suess night" and our family enjoyed a few fun activities. Ryan decorated a hat and then they had some snacks, like "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" red jello with blue whipped topping.

There were lots of books to read, a puzzle, and games to play, but I think the "oobleck" was the most popular. Both Ryan and Cohen loved messing in it. Big Surprise!

Ryan has had a great year of preschool and we can't believe it will be over in a few months! Thanks to his teachers for making it a fun year full of growth and learning.

Friday, March 20, 2015

She My Thith-ter

Cohen announces to everyone he knows, "She my thith-ter. Her name Avonlea" He loves his sister so much. He will often lay down next to her, lean over and give her a kiss on the head, and say "Hi, baby Av-ehn-wee!"  He likes to hold her and will even sing or read to her sometimes. Here's a few pictures of them together.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pukin' Rally

I got the dreaded "your kid is puking" text for the first time this year and unfortunately, it was this guy as the victim of a little bug. He threw up twice at daycare by the time I picked him up and we we spent the next few hours hanging over a sink or bucket. It was my first experience of dealing with a sick child while trying to meet the needs of the other 2 children, all while Adam was at Parent-Teacher Conferences all night. 

Fortunately, he stopped throwing up after 4 hours, fell asleep in my arms, and slept a bit fitfully on the couch during the night. Adam stayed home with him the next day while my mom took the other two to her house to keep them away from any lingering germs. Apparently, Cohen enjoyed a fun day home with Dad because he was totally fine all day.

Soon, he was back to himself and wearing his hat just like Papa.