Saturday, August 15, 2015

August Update

 I snapped a few pictures of the kids in the backyard before we went to a family reunion. 

This is my favorite picture and reflects the love these boys have for their little sister.

Avonlea and Grandma enjoying a backyard campfire.

Cohen roasting a 'mahsh-a-mallow' with Grandpa

Floofy hair, bright eyes

Saturday morning cartoons

Jena and the kids\
We had an amazing nanny this summer, the daughter of one of Adam's co-workers. She came almost everyday for the morning and sometimes part of the afternoon while Adam was at either baseball or football and we were sad to see her go back to college in mid-August. The kids had a great time with her and it was so nice for them to be able to be at home. They really enjoyed their own toys and backyard for once, and I think both Cohen and Avonlea took better naps in their own beds in quiet rooms.  We started going to a daycare center after Jena left and they have all adjusted well and it's a great situation for us during the school year.

Party favors from a safari birthday party Ryan went to.
Avonlea turned 9 months old.

This black and white with metallic gold dress was one of my favorite summer outfits.

Adam and Grandpa ran a 5K for an adoption fundraiser.
The kids and I did the 1K fun walk with Grandma

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