Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ryan's first Twins Game

On a Friday afternoon, I found out at work that we had 4 tickets to the Twins game the next night from one of our vendors and the people who were going to use them couldn't go at the last minute. After a few frantic phone calls and a trip back to the office to claim them, we decided that we would take the offer and bring Ryan to his first Twins game.  Grandpa and Grandma graciously agreed to take the 2 younger kids and I found a last-minute hotel deal. We drove up on Saturday right to the field and had a great time at the game in our awesome dug-out seats.  Here are some highlights:
Ryan got a little dog from Target named "Bulls-eye"

We sat a few row behind the Twins dugout.

Beautiful weather!

Dippin' Dots
My high school friend who lives 2 hours from Mpls was also at the game! Thank goodness for Instagram so we could meet up!

As the players came out of the dugout, they threw some stuff into the crowd and Ryan caught this bag of dill pickle-flavored sunflower seeds. He thought it was pretty special and spent the first 5 innings spitting seeds like a pro!

After the game, we drove to our hotel and got to bed late. The next morning I took Ryan swimming while Adam did game-film and then Ryan had fun making a fort before it was time to head home.

 It was a pretty quick trip with no extra time for shopping or eating out or anything, but I think Ryan really enjoyed a special time with mom and dad and we were so thankful for this surprise opportunity of tickets. We had been wanting to take Ryan to a game all summer and could never work out the timing, but this way we had amazing seats and great weather and just a really fun time together! I'm so glad we took a chance and just went for it!

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