Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rocket Ship

When I saw the box, I saw something that needed to be crushed and placed in the recycling bin.

When Ryan saw the box, he said, "Mommy! I think it's a rocket ship! We need to paint it!"

So, we got out a tablecloth (the sky) and got to work painting with watercolors! Ryan decided I should "paint the fire red, orange, and yellow", while he painted the "rocket boosters".  Also, the front needed a round window cut out so he could look out and a plate and pencil turned into a steering wheel. Then, it was time to get in and take flight!

Ryan decided he could share the rocket and give others a chance to try it out. He was disappointed that he couldn't actually blast off and fly around the room (I told him he needed a seatbelt), but these guys got an actual flight around the room:
 Then it was time to give a few others a chance.

Some fit better...

...than others.


Thanks, Ryan, for seeing a rocket ship and for teaching Catty how to fly.

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