Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cohen: 13 Months Old

Cohen's appetite is somewhat astounding. He loves just about anything we give him and often eats more than Ryan. One morning he ate an entire banana and five mini muffins! He's purely on table food and Vit. D milk now and we're just starting to learn how to use a fork and spoon. He still has only 8 teeth but has learned how to take bites of bigger things like graham crackers and muffins, so it's nice not to have to break everything up tiny.

Cohen likes wrestling/crawling all over us when we are on the floor. He also likes bumping up and down on our legs doing the rhyme "This is the way the farmer rides."  He still likes music and loves the electric piano where you can press a button for a drum beat. For some reason, he thinks he needs to sit ON the piano to fully enjoy the song, though. He also likes pushing cars around on the floor or sends them down the race track and sometimes gives them sound effects.  In other sounds, he'll still say "ball" and "da" for dad and also uses "dah" for dog. When he sees a cow, he'll make a "mmmm" sound (like a moo without opening your mouth). He also used this sound when he saw a dalmation! Sometimes he'll use "baa" for sheep and "mana" for banana or other fruit.

I can't complain too much about his sleep habits since he'll go to bed around 8:00pm and sleep until 6:30am, but he does wake up at 10:30pm almost every night for apparently no reason. I'm chalking it up to bad dreams since it seems to hit at the same time every night when he might be in a deeper sleep cycle.  He'll sometimes skip his morning nap and cries when we put him down in the afternoon, but will eventually go to sleep for 1.5 hours. He sleeps much more at daycare, but she is magic, so what can you do! :)

Cohen has developed some tantrum skills this month and will throw his head back and lay on the floor if he doesn't get his way or if you set him down when he wants to continue being held. We've used the "ignore the tantrum" method and it seems to snap it out of it in a few minutes. He still gets frustrated sometimes, but it doesn't last too long.

Cohen is a super-fast crawler and can get into a standing position without pulling up. He'll walk several steps but is pretty unsteady on his feet. He also likes to crawl up and down stairs. He'll go up and down the three stairs in our theater room for 15 minutes straight. We have a 1-step tall platform at the bottom of the basement stairs and he'll crawl up and over it to the other side and back over and over. He has also made it all the way up the basement stairs unassisted. Whoops!

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