Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ryan's Creations

Ryan has been into coloring quite a bit lately and it's fun to see his progress as he gets older and practices more. Here are a few of this month's projects.

Christmas scenes. My favorite is how he made the candle flames red and orange in the middle with a yellow glow.
Santa must be vacationing in Florida with all that green grass!

Lego Zoo he made all by himself.
He made all the animals their own area with paths for the people to walk around and see them.
Jesus in the boat with the disciples during a storm

Ryan decided he wanted to write a "book" and worked diligently on the cover. I have a feeling his interest waned a little on the following pages, but here is his description.

Title: Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Cover: Sheriff Callie (in the purple hat) is a girl. She is riding her horse (blue).  The green guy on the bottom is "Cactus Person". The red guy on the right is "Penguin Guy." They are in the Wild West.
Sheriff Callie, Cactus Person, Penguin Guy
A horse is covered in white feathers so you can't see him.
Sheriff Callie in a Sandstorm

They escape into a dark cave.
 The End.

I asked Ryan where he came up with this idea and he said he saw a commercial for it when watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So, I did a little searching and found this:

Yep, it all makes sense now! Blue horse, Cactus person, Penguin man and all!

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Life of the Lorenzens said...

Fascinating! Isn't it amazing what kids pick up on? I'm still waiting for Lincoln to make a burst of development in this area. He is nowhere near the level of drawing and coloring that Ryan is at. Any drawing he does make is almost always a "tornado". Art must be a first born thing. ;o)