Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cohen: 1 Year, 2 Months

 Cohen's walking has improved a lot over the past month and he's now cruising along at top speed. Sometimes his body is moving faster than his little legs, resulting in face-first dive to the floor, but he's mastered quite a bit. Another movement he's mastered is getting down from a chair, step, or big plastic storage tub. He's figured out how to turn around and slide down, reaching with his toes. He loves climbing on top of boxes, especially a storage tub of toys, and we've even caught him standing up on top of it. He also likes playing basketball, zooming cars around, and looking at lift-the-flap books.
Cohen's been fighting a cold for over a week now, so he's been a little crabby and clingy. We hope he starts feeling better soon! He does not like going to nursery at church and much prefers to run around in the narthex while we sit at the tables.

With his cold, he's been a little pickier when it comes to eating, but we discovered his love for strawberry yogurt (he's quite the spoon master) and spinach-bacon quiche (also one of Ryan's favorites).

Another handy thing Ryan discovered is that even if Cohen's crying, if you say "SHEESH!" really loud, he will start laughing. He laughs the most when Ryan says it. He also will smile if Ryan pretends to fall down or get hurt (or hit himself in the head). Whatever works, right?

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