Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Randoms

I haven't been adding much to the blog, but our days seem a little ordinary lately. Here are a few random things we've been up to:

  • I attending the Trendigital conference in Sioux Falls and learned a lot...#1 being that Sioux Falls parking downtown is not for rookies...especially those who don't carry any change. Many of the public "lots" are actual lots filled with individual parking meters. I ended up finding a lot 6 blocks from the meeting that took a $5 and couldn't feel my legs by the time I arrived (it was sub-zero plus wind chill)
  • Adam and Ryan went to signing day and are excited to welcome the new Raider football players. They've also played in the RSC a few afternoons where Ryan likes trying to play raquetball and run around the track.
  • We've attended a few basketball games to watch the Dutch and Uncle Wade's Rockets. Ryan is usually most interested in what color Skittles they have and how long it will take to wear us down before he can plan on a phone.
  • I attended my 2nd City council meeting and 4th time meeting with neighbors or the city about the proposed street behind our house. We're hoping to work for a compromise on this situation but still don't have it resolved. You might not want to ask me my thoughts on this project unless you want to hear all 11 reasons why it's a bad idea.
  • We celebrated my grandma's 85th birthday with cake and homemade ice cream one afternoon. 
  • We also got together for a wedding shower for my cousin who is heading to Germany soon where her husband is stationed. She's heading to the same town where my college roommate lives. Small world!
Dutchman plate (just take the
whole taco pizza box if there is 1 slice left). Less messy that way!
  • My grandpa, who is 93, spent several days in the hospital so we visited him a few nights.
  • We went to a Super Bowl party at one of my co-worker's houses and the boys had a great time playing with the other kids, even if the game was boring this year.
  • It's been cold and we haven't had much snow, but finally got some the second weekend in February. Ryan helped scoop and later went sledding on the Alton hill with Adam where he is learning to bail before hitting trees or creekbeds. (Successfully so far). Even with wind chill warnings, we have to get him outside sometimes!
Scooping 101: Patterns are pretty.

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