Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Birthday Treats

We have a wellness team at work that comes up with challenges to try to help us live healthier. Unfortunately, the week of my birthday, I was not much help in the "eat your 5-7 fruits and vegetables" challenge as I brought these giant 15" diameter chocolate chip cookies.

My birthday was great... Abbie helped Adam pick out a great jacket for me and she also helped me spend some birthday money on some new Sperry top-siders. Who needs Stitch Fix when I have her?  After Adam made supper, we went to the movie "Draft Day" at the local theater. It didn't start great when we found the movie was sold out except for 2 seats in the very front row on the floor. I barely made it through previews with the motion sickness and we wondered why this movie was so sold out on a Wednesday. That's when the movie started and we realized...we were in the wrong theater! We were in "Heaven is for Real" which just opened that night and was sold out. The signs had been switched but we were relieved to find the right theater for our movie and plenty of good open seats.

It was a good day and makes getting older just a little easier.

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