Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cohen:16 Months

Cohen is loving the outdoor weather and his favorite thing is to toddle around the backyard. Since his attention span is about 10 seconds, he'll go from the water table to the sandbox, up the ladder, down the slide, to the football, and running across the yard, just to repeat it all again. He doesn't mind getting messy and has eaten sand on more than one occasion. He loves going for stroller rides and chasing Ryan's remote control cars. He also loves climbing around at the park, going down slides, and swinging.
Cohen's favorite habit right now is throwing...everything. Food, bowls, balls, toys, shoes...everything. He has a few favorite indoor toys-a noisy wooden push toy, basketball hoop, popping ball piano, and marbles.  He is getting a few molars in and doesn't have too much trouble eating anything he wants. He has gained a few consistent words. When I'm dressing him in the morning and he hears Adam come up from the shower, he'll whisper "Dah-Dah" and then go find him. He calls Ryan "Ry-Ry" and calls for him down the stairs if he's not around. He says "ball" and "my ball" and "nack" for Snack. He attempts several other words and we know he understands a lot of what we say. He also points to several animals/objects in books if we ask him to find something, so we're building word association.  I was excited the other day when he was pointing from his crib saying "Mama! Mama!" but unfortunately, he was just pointing to his favorite "Llama Llama" book.

Cohen has an easy smile and a great giggle. He loves to be chased and loves to be tickled. We love our blue-eyed, blond-hair little Dutch boy!

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