Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tulip Festival Road Race

If you thought that title meant I participated in this event...we may have never met in real life. Ryan and I decided to go cheer on Aunt Abbie as she ran the 10k and there were many more people we knew running the 5k including my cousin, Carter. We met up with Wade, Saylor, and Collyns and cheered them on as they started.

Then, like about 100 other people, promptly went to the Dutch Bakery for a donut.
 We were back in time to cheer Carter on to his finish:

And see Abbie start her second lap:

After playing in the park for a while, we met Abbie after her finish and they got to play with Saylor a little longer.
Collyns being a good sport
Way to go, Aunt Abbie!
Since Adam spent the afternoon and night at graduations in Sibley, I decided not to tackle the festival with both boys by myself and instead we spent time playing outside and Ryan had fun playing with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood who were visiting. He didn't really know the difference and we figure we have about 20 good years of solid participation ahead of us once the kids are in school that it's nice to take advantage of a less-than-hectic weekend for now.

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