Friday, September 12, 2014

Cohen: 1 Year, 9 Months

Cohen has become a regular chatter-box and part-time comedian. He'll repeat just about anything you say and adds new words to his vocabulary daily. He loves playing outside, especially with chalk or water and likes riding or pushing in the little car Saylor is loaning us.  He falls down easily which usually results in a scraped face and he loves to run in a funny way, kind of like high-stepping it while saying "walka-walka-walka...RUN!" He loves to laugh and joke, like when he asks for a "nak" (napkin) at the table and then pretends to lick it or eat it, then giggles at himself. He also asks for pepper to put on his food at every meal.

He LOVES dessert and will ask for a "kee-kee" (cookie) but will want ice cream if Ryan is having some. He is sure to get every last drip!

Cohen got in some trouble this month when he took his crayons to various walls and toys. Not sure he learned his lesson because he actually thought scrubbing it off was fun for a while!

He loves playing up on the bed, falling over and snuggling up in the pillows. He will lay down just about anywhere and pull a blanket over him, then declare it's time for "nigh-nigh." His favorite music now is a "Wee Sing" CD and he's starting to learn some of the words to Eensy Weensy Spider, Hickory Dickory Dock, and Ring Around the Rosy. He also likes to count in his books, pointing to objects while saying "Wahn, Toooo, Free!" He also asks for his new book "Read, Read, Baby" by name. His favorite thing to cuddle is "George" but he also loves his blue blanket.

Our little man suddenly seems pretty big and it's hard to believe he'll be a big brother soon! He pats my tummy and says "baby" but we're sure he really has no idea what's in store!

Enjoy your last full month of being the baby of the family, buddy!

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