Saturday, September 27, 2014

Last of Warm Weather

We've enjoyed a great summer outdoors and took advantage of a few unseasonably warm days this Fall to spend more time outside.  One afternoon, we decided to build a ramp/race track for the remote control car and learned a lot about inclined planes and how to move boxes to adjust the heights until it was something this low-powered card could handle. We also experimented with how sharp of a corner the car can take weaving through buckets (not very sharp). I loved seeing Ryan use problem-solving skills and sharing his car with neighbors.

Another night, the boys were playing in the backyard and a task of using the hose to rinse out the beetle jar escalated quickly into the sprayer first dripping all over Cohen, then Ryan using the mister to make a make-shift sprinkler, to just giving in and getting out the actual sprinkler and letting the boys strip down to their shorts. They had a blast and we actually got it out one more time before the month ended.

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