Friday, January 16, 2015

Daddy (and Mommy) Daycare

I started back at work on Monday after taking about 9 weeks off. I think I was ready and really enjoyed getting back into a routine and seeing my co-workers. Our plans took a little bit of a loop when our daycare provider's son got sick and daycare was closed for 4 work days in a row. I ended up staying home one afternoon and Adam took a whole day off to watch our 3 kids plus Ryan's friend from preschool/daycare. We found a great college girl to cover the other 2 days. It turned out to be a decent way to transition back to work as I was able to be home to feed Avonlea everyday for lunch for a week as she was having trouble accepting a bottle. It was also good because Cohen had a bit of a cold and ran a slight temp over the weekend, so it was nice for him to just be home with limited exposure for almost a week.

Sleeping by 7:30 on a Friday after a busy week and several days of no naps.

Avonlea getting plenty of attention from our daycare friend.

Making monster cookies.

"Jingle Bells"  It was like this much of the time they were together.

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