Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Super Heroes

My sister's family came over for supper on New Year's Day. While the guys watch football downstairs and we watched the babies upstairs, Ryan, Cohen, and Saylor decided it was time for some Super Hero crime-fighting! Ryan's outfit is a "box troll"/"transformer" homemade costume but it's lasted several weeks, so who knew boxes and toilet tubes could be so much fun!

I received a cast iron skillet as a Christmas gift from work (it is a Lodge brand with our company logo "branded" into the outside of the bottom--pretty cool!). This recipe for chocolate chip cookie skillet was a huge hit for our dessert! It was nicely underdone so it was perfect with vanilla ice cream. It was even good the next day after storing in a closed container (and didn't last much longer than that because it was so good!) 

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