Friday, June 12, 2015

Cohen: 2 Years, 6 months

Cohen spent the last month playing at soccer games, exploring outside, being silly, talking to Avonlea, and having fun playing with cousins.

Cohen definitely recognizes towns and buildings and knows if we were on our way to daycare or church or Grandpa or Grandma's. He really enjoys going to nursery at church (and running around after church) and really dislikes holding our hand when going through parking lots.
At Ryan's soccer game

Brushing his teeth with a funny after-bath hair style.

A rare occurence of conking out on the floor- he usually takes a 2-hour nap after lunch.
At the park celebrating Madie's birthday.

Long day of birthday party and shopping in Sioux City.

At Ryan's Bible-School family supper. He said "Don't touch my Cheetos, Mommy!" Guilty.

Cohen will often go back to eating his supper even after dessert. In this cae, asking for more broccoli after eating an Oreo.

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