Sunday, June 7, 2015

Avonlea: 7 Months Old

Little missy is 7 months old and still very much a sweetheart. She loves to watch her brothers play and is pretty content just sitting on the floor with toys around her or sitting in the stroller while we play outside. She is sitting up well and can roll both ways but not traveling much. She did learn to clap this month and loves to tilt her head to smile at you!

She has been consistently taking naps around 9 and 1 for 1.5hours up to 2 hours and goes to bed around 8:00. She has tried a few new foods and is getting the hang of it but it quite a mess-pot, wanting to grab the spoon or clamping her mouth shut.

We are continuing to love trying out new outfits now that warmer weather is here although the biker shorts I bought for her do nothing for her multi-roll thighs.

Here are a few more 7-month snaps of our sweetie:

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