Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grandpa & Grandma's Basement

Whenever we go to Adam's parents' house, Ryan is always begging to go play downstairs. He has pretty good reason to be excited, because it's a wonderland of all his favorite toys, plus some pretty willing participants! This Saturday, he played some soccer and basketball with Grandpa and Grandma and even convinced Grandma to put up a tent!

Besides bricks and legos, Ryan's favorite thing to do is play with farm animals. These are all of Adam's farm animals  from when he was little and even some of Adam's dads! The fence was made by Adam's grandpa and Ryan loves setting it up.
 The herd of cows is safe in their pen while a team of horses approaches from the east. The chickens are balanced precariously on the fence under the farmer's watchful eye.
 Ryan thought the best place for all the baby calves, piglets, and colts was inside the tractor cab. There are seriously at least 20 in there.

Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma for a delicious supper and fun evening!

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