Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tape Track

Using an idea I found on Pinterest, we took some old painter's tape that was getting a little wrinkly on the edges and created a fun track for Ryan's race cars that ran through the kitchen and the living room.
 He lined up all his cars on the track to get them ready for the big race.

Dad helped build a lego tower to use as the starting gate.

Follow the track...wherever it goes!

Making noises as the car races through the wooden block path.

Underneath the "Golden Gate" bridge made of a magazine rack.

This was a really fun family activity that allowed Ryan to play with many of his toys in a new way. We made some ramps out of cookie sheets and boxes, made the car go up and over blankets and boards and he got to experiment with curves vs. straight track vs. corners and hard floor vs. carpet. He learned how to be careful not to knock down the bridges and how he could go fast down the ramp since the fence was there to  guide the cars. Even though there was a lot to pick up afterwards, it was a lot of fun!  And next time, we can make a whole new track with all new obstacles!

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The Dude said...

Another cool idea....crime scene outlines. Think "Law & Order: Pediatrics."