Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turkey Supper

Since I did my voting early, my biggest concern of the day was getting to the annual American Reformed Church Turkey Supper before all the chocolate pie ran out!

I picked up Ryan from daycare and after a few questions, he announced, "Mommy, I don't want to talk about how my day was." But, after we stopped at home and got back into the van for the ride to Hull, he became very talkative. We covered all kinds of topics from what happens to the monkeys in the zoo in the winter time (he was concerned they would die if people didn't come to see them all weekend--I told him about zookeepers), to his list of facts he knows about cows ("they drink milk when they are calves but some of them on Uncle Kevin's farm are big enough to drink water and they eat corn and silage and a group of cows is called a herd"), to why there are no more dinosaurs alive (I went with the "big rock hit the earth and no plants could grow so they ran out of food" theory), to his decision that someone needed to tell T-rexes that they need to be nice to the other dinosaurs (i.e. not eat them).

After a short period of silence during which I could almost hear Ryan's 3-year-old mind whirring, he said, "Mommy, did you know there is someone who we can't see but he is always with us and will always help us and lives high in the sky where we can't see him?" Before I started congratulating myself that our nightly devotions were sinking in, he announced, "It's Batman. Maybe he can help the dinosaurs not to be extinct too." Oh boy, we need to work on our theology.  Later tonight, he told me that we all belong to the "kingdom of Batman." Apparently he has taken everything he's heard about God and inserted Batman instead. Kind of wondering what that makes Robin.

After these enlightening (blasphemous?) conversations, I steered the topic to the approaching Turkey Supper, explaining that we were going to be eating at a school (not a "wes-twant") and that Grandpa, Grandma, Great-Grandma, Uncle Wade, Aunt Abbie, and Saylor would be there. I was listing off all the things there would be to eat when he suddenly stopped me and became very excited about one particular offering. Was it when I listed the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, chocolate milk, or even pie? No...it was...jello. You'd think the kid hit the jackpot. "Mommy I LOVE jello, I always WANTED jello, I can't WAIT to eat jello. What color jello do you think it will BE?"  Luckily, they pulled through on the jellow and he enjoyed both a red and an orange cup while Saylor destroyed an orange cup as well. He did eat corn, a roll, and tried his turkey and potatoes, but the whole time he was also eyeing the white cupcake with white frosting and red/blue sprinkles. Nothing like "election cupcakes" for a Thanksgiving meal!  He also helped polish off my chocolate pie which I got too full to finish.
As usual, he loved seeing family again and wanted to tickle Saylor's cheeks while saying, "Hey, Tookie, Tookie!"  I love the turkey supper and look forward to a few more Thanksgiving meals before the season is over. Thinking about all the yummy food to come helps keep my mind off the disappointing election results that are currently rolling in.

Ryan's shirt may not recover from the red jello stains, but then again, I'm sure Batman can help with that too.

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