Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Update

Last weekend, Adam was on a 4-day trip to Indianapolis with the football team for their playoff game, so Ryan and I found lots of things to do to stay busy.

Thursday, we went to the NWC JV girls game to hang out with Abbie and Saylor and watch Saylor's Aunt Whitney play.  Ryan had a great time playing with Saylor and her cousin, Sage. After the game, we hit the library for some new books and so Ryan could play with the train table for a while. He is always drawn to the kids' computer games, but hasn't quite figured out mouse navigation yet, so we're limited to "press any key" type of games and there are only so many times I can watch Elmo pop up from behind the same 3 objects.

Friday, we went to Adam's parents' house for supper and then got to spend some time with Andy and Kim who were staying overnight before they were all leaving for a wedding in the morning.  They are great sports, playing tackle with Ryan, and letting him get out ALL the toys in the basement!

Saturday, Ryan went to his first "friend" birthday party and had a great time! One of his friends had a Thomas-themed party for his 4th birthday and the kids enjoyed playing games, eating lunch (and cupcakes), and playing toys together. It was also nice for me to have 2 hours to myself on a Saturday :). When he got home, we watched/listened to the football game while moving the rest of his clothes/toys out of the nursery and down to his room. The Raiders played a great game, but unfortunately, lost 32-42 to Marian.

Sunday was church/Sunday School and then a trip to my Grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, it was delicious and we had fun with family, but Ryan was not on his best behavior and spent most of the time trying to sneak candy corn off the table after being cut off. He took a much-needed nap and was excited to wake up to find Daddy home! Although we're sad the Raiders lost, I can admit that I was okay with the next few weeks being a little less complicated as we try to get ready for the baby!

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