Monday, August 12, 2013

Cohen: 8 Months

Our little guy is getting big and going mobile! Although, he hasn't mastered actual crawling, he can army-crawl very quickly and move from room to room with ease. He can also get himself from a laying position (front or back) to a sitting position and back down.  He has started playing with a few new toys, some of the favorites are the toy where you push buttons or turn keys to make 5 animals pop up (he loves slamming them down), riding on the Lion toy, rolling balls, and pushing the Batman car.

Outside, he likes riding in the front of the stroller and swinging in his swing. He is a pretty active boy and will jump, jump, jump if you're holding him! We call him "Jumpy Squirrel" after the Curious George character. He continues in 9-12 month clothes and I hesitate buying anything for Fall because I'm afraid he's going to be out of 12 month soon! He is getting a little better at looking at books, but still wants to just pat them or grab them to try to devour. He loves splashing in the bath, especially with Ryan.

Cohen's now eating solids 3x a day in addition to bottles and nursing. So far, I've made all of his baby food at home and have enjoyed it (not to mention the $avings!)
Likes: pears, applesauce, peaches, bananas
Tolerates: sweet potatoes, squash, carrots
Hates: peas, green beans
Seeing a theme? Green = bad. Orange = OK. Fruit = Yummy. He will clench his lips shut and refuse to open them when he sees/smells something on the spoon he doesn't like. He's getting pretty smart too. For example, he will tolerate squash if he sees me pour a little applesauce in the dish with it, but if I try to sneak in a spoonful that doesn't have any applesauce on the spoon, he'll refuse it. The best method is to get Ryan to make him laugh and then sneak in the spoon! We've tried a few puffs and he likes the challenge of picking them up, but hasn't figure out how to mash them in his mouth yet (and usually ends up feeding them to Nika). He still only has 2 bottom teeth, but has been acting like the top gums are bothering him lately.

I ended up giving his wild hair a little trim, just to take care of some of the long stray strands and it seemed to help it lay a little nicer, although humidity still makes it stand up like crazy. It just needs to fill in more (or darken) so he doesn't look so bald in pictures! His eyes seem even bluer lately and his smile, cheeks, and dimples are so hard to resist!

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