Sunday, November 9, 2014

Avonlea meets her family

Our family of five.
The boys love their little sister!
Big Brother
New Big Brother

Grandma had been in OC making food at our house and transporting Ryan to preschool, so she came over right away to meet her new granddaughter.
Grandpa came the night she was born after finishing up some corn hauling.

Grandma picked up the boys from daycare and brought them to the hospital.
Grandpa was working YATEC but snuck away in the afternoon to come to the hospital.
Ryan and Cohen got to spend 2 nights at Grandpa and Grandma's house, then went to my parents on Sunday until they met us at home at night. We are thankful for all the help from family!
Avonlea was born on Great Aunt Leah's birthday!
My sister's family came to visit the first night.
Stopping by on Saturday before the USD game.
Andy, Kim and Madie visited on Sunday.
Uncle Andy
Aunt Kim
Cousin Madie
Emily, Lincoln and Megan came to visit the next weekend!

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