Monday, November 24, 2014

Headband Holder

I quickly realized that with a little girl in the house, we would need a place to store all her headbands besides being thrown in her sock drawer. I found a few ideas on Pinterest and decided to give this tutorial on making a headband display and storage container out of an oatmeal container. (I just skipped the pedestal part because I didn't want to invest a lot/any money into this project.)

Instead of buying fabric, I picked out a maternity shirt that I didn't even wear this time around. It had stretchy black fabric and a pink ribbon threaded through it. I figured this would be perfect for flower clips that weren't already attached to a headband.

I cut out a piece of fabric and painted Mod Podge on the container to attach it.
I followed the tutorial to snip the ends and hot-glue them to the inside.  I had to improvise a little on the lid since after I added fabric to the lid and container, the lid would no longer fit. Fortunately, I have a box of "misfit" tupperware containers and I happened to have a Gladware lid that fit perfectly, so I just glued fabric to the top of that lid and then hot-glued more of the pink ribbon around the top.

Adding headbands is what made it pretty!

Back view:

Considering I have about 20 headbands already, this didn't hold too many on the outside, but at least I have a place to store all of them on the inside and just keep a few on display!

Avonlea has a few headbands that fit her little head now (a pack of 4 we got from Aunt Kim and a pack of 3 polka-dot bows I picked up at Dollar General!) and as she grows she'll have many more options! She only wears headbands if we're out and about, like at church, or in pictures and I've quickly learned to take them off before we go anywhere in the car because they've slipped down over her eyes and made her very crabby!

I have to admit, it's pretty fun having some girly accessories to play with!

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