Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Taylor & Austin's wedding

Avonlea meeting Great Aunt Nikki
On New Year's Eve, I went to my cousin, Taylor's, wedding and Adam and the kids joined us for the reception. The kids had a blast at the dance and this is probably the latest they've ever stayed up on New Year's Eve! Taylor's husband is stationed in Germany, so it was great to see them over the holidays and celebrate with them!

Wedding DJ made balloons
Balloon sword
DJ also had glow sticks
Ryan, Cohen, Jace and Saylor all had a blast dancing!
I'm not sure if the video will work, but you can imagine Saylor dancing, spinning and doing donkey kicks while Cohen "hopped" everywhere and Ryan played some mean air guitar and even demonstrated some "leg sweeps" break dancing. It was pretty entertaining.

 After we got home, Ryan took a few pictures of our exciting New Year's Eve!

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