Saturday, March 7, 2015

Avonlea: 4 Months

 Our little honey is growing so much! She is full of smiles and even giggles/grunts a little.  She likes to kick and slam her legs down on the ground or mattress, so we started tucking her in with a tight blanket over her legs so she wouldn't startle herself awake. She's doing pretty well sleeping, usually going down around 8 and sleeping until 6:45 with one wake-up during the night to be fed. Once in a whiles, she'll sleep all the way through the night for me or sleep in on the weekend.

Her hair is getting a little thin compare to her birth, but still seems fairly dark. I think her dark eyelashes and eyebrows are what make her seem so expressive! We've been able to dive into the 6 month clothes tubs that we're borrowing and have a lot of cute things to choose from. I have to admit it's a lot more fun dressing a girl, although my boys had a better sock situation (love those tennis-shoe looking socks that stay on their feet!)
 Here I am trying to keep her entertained at the Dr.'s office during a long wait. She giggled and smiled at the nurses the whole time and they just couldn't stop smiling at her. One thing we learned was that she is starting to get a "heart-shaped" head where flat spots are forming on the back 2 sides of her head, probably from spending time reclining in her car seat, swing, bouncer, and rock & play.

We tended to set her in something off the floor to keep her safe from dogs, kids, small objects, etc. and she'd been napping in the Rock & Play at home.  After this appointment, we put away the swings, bouncer, Rock & Play, and daycare did the same, so the only thing that could keep these spots flat would be the car seat, which she doesn't spend much time in. Now, it's tummy time, flat on her back, holding her, or sitting up in a Bumbo or Exersaucer only!
Her 4 month stats are 14 lbs. 9.5oz (56%) and 25" (69%).

We had a bit of a weird appointment situation in that my daycare provider had an appointment 45 minutes after Avonlea's, so she brought my boys to the Dr.'s office. Since Avonlea's appointment ran long, I ended up having to go get the boys and bring them into the exam room while Avonlea got her shots. I was afraid the crying would traumatize Cohen, but they really handled that part fine. It was the LEAVING the Dr.'s office that was a challenge. With a crying baby who needed to be put into her carrier, a run-away 2-year-old and curious 5-year-old, we were quite the four-some leaving the clinic. 

We are just glad we haven't had any need to bring her to the Doctor besides well-child exams and we are so thankful for her health and her easy-going personality!

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