Monday, March 16, 2015

Pukin' Rally

I got the dreaded "your kid is puking" text for the first time this year and unfortunately, it was this guy as the victim of a little bug. He threw up twice at daycare by the time I picked him up and we we spent the next few hours hanging over a sink or bucket. It was my first experience of dealing with a sick child while trying to meet the needs of the other 2 children, all while Adam was at Parent-Teacher Conferences all night. 

Fortunately, he stopped throwing up after 4 hours, fell asleep in my arms, and slept a bit fitfully on the couch during the night. Adam stayed home with him the next day while my mom took the other two to her house to keep them away from any lingering germs. Apparently, Cohen enjoyed a fun day home with Dad because he was totally fine all day.

Soon, he was back to himself and wearing his hat just like Papa.

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