Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cohen: 2 Years, 3 months

Cohen is funny to listen to. Not only does he use new and bigger words, but he uses overly-dramatic voices and expressions too. If you ask if he wants more milk, he'll use a a big deep voice and make his mouth really tall and answer slowly "I want WOTS of milk". If you ask him what pajamas he wants to wear, he'll say in a tiny high squeaky voice "You fine my wacoon shirt in da washing machine?"

Here are a few more of his memorable phrases (and the way he pronounces words).

  • After seeing us drink coffee: "Dat coffee? Oh, dat not foh kids. Dat jus for go-mups."
  • Putting on Batman pjs: "Wook at me! I'm a supah-pow-wow!"
  • Looking for monkey, the one stuffed animal that is actually his, not Ryan's: "He's wooooooooost!"
  • What he says to anyone he meets: "Her name baby A-ben-wee"
  • When climbing on anything: "I'm on top of the world!"
  • Every morning when he wakes up: "I have bek-fest? I want geen yogurt" (he loves key lime Yoplait)
  • When I ask him how daycare was: "My turn to pick the movie at Danielle's house. I pick Lilo and Stitch".  (not always true, apparently sometimes he picks Pirate Tinkerbell, but he only gets to watch a little of it before he has to go down for a nap anyway).
  • Anytime we try to help him with something, "NO! I do it mySELF"
  • Whenever he can't find something right away: "It's playing hide and seek!"

Cohen is a bit of a runner when it comes to outdoor play. He has little sense of boundaries. We are glad we have fences on 2 sides of our backyard, but he will not hesitate to take off around the front and head right up the street. His favorite things to do outside are to push himself around on the plasma car, draw with chalk, play tee-ball, and go for stroller rides. He REALLy doesn't like coming back inside after playing outside.

Inside, he likes to run around with Ryan, play in the bathtub, color, play in the sink and wash his hands, wrestle with Ryan and Adam,and talk to Avonlea.  He usually wants one of us to lay down with him to go to sleep and he always picks "Go Fish" (Splash) as the CD if it's his choice. He's getting strangely picky about what shirts and socks to wear, but never cares about his pants (or whether they match). He hates getting his hair combed in the morning and his face washed (both always necessary). He's used the potty a few times and told us when he needed to go, but nothing consistent yet. He can sing the ABC's (with a little jumble in the middle) and can count to 10 (and backwards).

I love Cohen's giggle and we can get it to come out when we tickle him or play hide and seek games. It's fun to see him grow and change and find his own likes and dislikes.

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