Saturday, May 26, 2012

Aquarium Wedding

The wedding was held at the Conference Center attached to the Aquarium at the Omaha zoo. We sure felt like WE were the ones on display when we walked into the zoo in our dress clothes! Kim and I served as guestbook attendants while Adam walked around the aquarium with Ryan. He came back telling me there were only "nice sharks."

He ended up walking around the aquarium DURING the wedding too because he doesn't quite understand the art of being quiet. In any way.

Ryan also enjoyed the interactive floor in the aquarium that projects a picture of the ocean floor. When you step on it, it creates ripples and all the fish scatter from where you stepped. It's hard to get a picture of, but is really neat!

After the wedding, there was a cocktail hour held in the aquarium. This was really neat as we got to go through all the fish and penguin exhibits.
The most exciting part was when the zoo keeper let a small penguin walk around among the crowd and the kids got to pet him! Ryan said "it was kind of yucky" and "it smelled kind of fishy" but thought it was pretty cool.

He lasted okay through the reception by eating mints (and not much else). We had the BEST chocolate cake and hit the dance floor for a few songs, then it was time for a very-tired-no-nap-taking-boy to go home. He was asleep within a minute of leaving the zoo.

Congrats, Christina and Jeff! Thanks for the fun aquarium-wedding!

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