Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fountain Pond Fishing

On Thursday, two of my cousins from town asked if we wanted to meet them down by the "fountain pond" which is behind the  the hospital near our house. We walked over there in the stroller with Nika and after a few casts, Ryan was holding the line when he said, "Daddy, I got a fish!" Sure enough, his bobber was under and a fish was fighting on the other end. When it was finally reeled up, Ryan had caught quite a nice bass! Juliana and Carter arrived just in time to see his fish. Ryan bored of holding the pole after that and spent some time digging in the worm box, playing "will it float" by throwing various objects in the pond, messing with the floating algae using sticks, and running up and down the Puddle Jumper trail. It's nice to see him enjoying the outdoors so much!
No one else had much luck after Ryan's big fish and Carter lamented, "I got schooled by a 2-year-old."  But we had fun just hanging around outside.
When it was time to leave, Ryan, of course, wanted to race someone and Carter was the happy opponent. I'm not sure who really won (Ryan will insist he did) but they both made it up to this bench in time to wait for the rest of us.  We love having the pond and trail nearby and have a lot of fun hanging out with my cousins!

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