Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fishing and a Picnic

On Sunday evening, we headed to Mill Creek State Park, about 20 minutes away, to do some fishing and have a picnic. It amazes me that a kid who is so afraid of flies and ladybugs can't wait to get his hands on some wiggling worms!

 Adam cast his line in the water and within a minute or so, Ryan hauled in his first bluegill!

Definitely a keeper...and the fish isn't a bad size either.

He caught a few more fish throughout the night and we also took a walk to explore the goose sounds he heard. Then, we headed back to the picnic tables for a nice supper! 

I decided that the best way to make a lame supper (pb&j, chips and Oreos) acceptable is to make it into a picnic!  It tastes so much better outside!

We had a great time tonight and will be back many more times this summer!

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