Friday, May 4, 2012


On Friday we experienced a weird weather phenomenon known as a "gustnado", short for gust-front tornado. Had it been a real tornado, it would have wiped out our entire town including the industrial park, home of many major businesses. Thankfully, it was, in effect, a swirling cloud of dust with only enough power to knock over our lawnchairs and grill, but didn't do any damage. We did have to sit in the lower level at work for a while and lost power a few times, but I just ticked off reason #217 I'm not an educator in that I was not cramped in a bathroom with 45 stinky 5th graders or in a locker room with Junior Highers, like other members of my family :).

A few people from the office were at a Leadercast at the OC theater, and our Director of HR snapped these pictures.

 The one above captures the moment in time when the storm was setting right on top of our house.

This video is a collaboration of a few different ones--there is some slight swearing, but keep in mind, these people honestly thought a 2-mile-wide tornado was heading right toward them, so I'd let it slide.

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