Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

We enjoyed a relaxing day at home for the 4th of July, spending time working around the house and all getting naps. Glorious! At night, we headed down to Windmill park where they were serving hot dogs, burgers, chips, and lemonade. We listened to the duo that was singing and Ryan played in the park for a little while, but the 100 degree heat drove us home after a while to cool off.

Later in the night, we headed to Adam's parent's house to watch the fireworks from their back yard. My parents, grandma, Aunt, Uncle and cousins all joined us for the good view.  
Before it started, Ryan was excited to see all the amateur/illegal fireworks going off in the neighborhood.  He also went on a hunt for fireflies! 
He insisted I cover his ears for the big fireworks show, but we were far enough away that they weren't terribly loud.  I think he had fun anyway! It was a great place to watch the show and a great day off to spend together!

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