Sunday, July 15, 2012


I'm not sure where this is supposed to fit in on the child development scale, but Ryan has taken an interest in sorting lately. Whenever he sets up his farm animals (which is every day) he always puts all the adult farm animals in the smaller fence, the baby farm animals in the larger fence area, and the penguins outside. He told me the penguins don't belong with the rest of the animals. Also, the rooster has to set on the fence.  He used to set up the animals by kinds--a mommy, a daddy and a baby of each animal but apparently this is his new way (and don't try to mix them up!)
When he went downstairs to build me a tower with his wooden blocks, he sorted all of them by size and then used all of one kind before moving on to the next kind. When we build new "zoos" with his big Legos, he uses all of one color first, then all of the next color, etc.

Seems like he might be the type to eat all the green Skittles first, then yellow, orange, red and purple. In.order.  (Not that anyone I know does that.)  Not sure where he gets these habits! :)

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Life of the Lorenzens said...

I totally do the Skittles thing, too, only switch the red & purple around. Red is the best, so it's saved for last. :o)