Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Night Saylor

On Sunday night, we were ready to get out of the house, so Adam called up Wade to go golfing. Ryan and I tagged along to go hang out with Abbie and Saylor. Ryan and Saylor get along pretty well, especially now that Saylor can walk. She is rightfully a little leery of her crazy cousin who runs around and plays with all her toys, but so far is very tolerant.
Milo is not always that happy to see Ryan show up, especially in her domain. 

After playing inside, the kids also had fun playing outside, especially after Milo discovered a tiny black kitten hiding in the bushes. Ryan named her "Coolah" and tried to give her a wagon ride. He also did a nice job of giving Saylor a wagon ride, which she loved. After the guys came back, we had some ice cream and amazing cookie bars, then it was time to leave. What a great way to spend a Sunday evening!

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