Monday, July 2, 2012


Monday nights are a great night to go to our town pool-kids are only $2 and parents are free after 6pm and it's not busy, even on hot nights. One night, Saylor, Abbie, and Wade came to swim with us and they enjoyed the splash pad fountains! Saylor has no fear and Ryan has fun discovering how to start and stop the water.

They also had fun swimming in the big pool. Ryan doesn't mind wearing his life jacket since it means he can swim around independently. He can move himself around, slowly, and likes chasing after people or things in the water. He also likes walking around without his jacket in water up to his shoulders so he can "hop" around with a semi-anti-gravity-feeling.

Swimming at night is nice since it's less crowded and an hour or hour and a half is enough to tire him out. Hopefully we can get some more swimming in this summer and go try out the new Hull pool too!

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