Sunday, August 5, 2012


On Friday afternoon, Adam and I headed to Des Moines. We got some shopping done on Friday night and Saturday morning with the "tax-free" holiday. After a storm went through, we headed over to the Iowa Speedway.  We helped out in the Pizza Ranch hospitality tent for a while, setting everything back up after a quick storm had blown through, then working the registration table.  I had ordered tickets for my sister and BIL since they are race fans and they met us at the tent, then went down to the Fan Walk. The other 3 played a racing simulation game in the Coke truck and then it was time for us to head back up to help with food setup.  Megan and Austin enjoyed watching some of the pre-race inspections in the garage.

We helped set up for supper and then enjoyed Pizza Ranch buffet with about 350 other members of the greater PR family.  Our driver, Michael McDowell, also stopped by the tent to say a few words.
 After clean-up, we stopped by the funnel cake booth, then headed up to the stands.  Here are a few pictures from the race, starting in the bottom right and moving clockwise:
  • Flyover at the start of the race, after 2 parachuters had already landed on the infield
  • Driver introductions--Michael riding in the back of a pickup
  • Cars are ready to race after a caution
  • #18 makes a pit stop
  • #18 trailing Danica Patrick (but not for long!)
After a fairly uneventful (and very loud) race, our car ended up getting 6th, but we're proud of Michael and how he represents Joe Gibbs Racing and our company's sponsorship.  This was Adam and my first NASCAR race ever, but because of our sponsorship, probably won't be our last!
It was not fun getting back to I-80 after the race and I ended up puking on the way back to West Des Moines (big surprise). But, I can't overstate how much I enjoyed getting 10 HOURS of sleep both Friday and Saturday nights. It was glorious...almost as glorious as the hot breakfast buffet and made-to-order omelets at the Sheraton.  We headed back on Sunday morning and picked up Ryan and Nika who had had a really fun weekend at my parents. It was nice to spend some time with just the 2 of us, get some much-needed clothes shopping done for both of us...and did I mention 10 HOURS of sleep?

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