Thursday, August 2, 2012

Omaha Quick Trip

On Thursday morning, Ryan was up at 5:00am in order to be ready to leave the house at 5:30. Adam and Ryan caught a ride with another coach who was going to Lincoln, NE for the day and got to spend the day with Uncle Andy! 

First, they went to the zoo. We'd been there over Memorial Day, but this time they got to see a few different things, like the lemur area and the rainforest. Ryan enjoyed the aquarium and thought it was cool to touch a starfish. They also watched a 3-D movie about the Arctic in the IMAX. This was Ryan's first movie and Adam said he did great, but did take the 3-D glasses off a few times when the ice was "shattering" toward them. He told us all about the polar bears, the seals and the "wal-wussess" from the movie!

After the zoo, they checked out Andy's first-grade classroom which was filled with many fun things for Ryan to play with, but he really loved the wooden blocks (no surprise).
 They met Coach A in the afternoon for the ride home and Adam said Ryan did great in the car, falling asleep in Sioux City. He was very tired when he got home at 7:00 but we managed to get him to eat a little supper, then he went to lay on the couch and soon ended up like this:
I guess we now know a great way to get him to bed by 8:00...just wake him up at 5:00!

It was a fun road trip for Ryan and Adam and they were glad they got to see Andy before school started!

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