Friday, August 10, 2012

Sioux Falls Friday

Our "summer vacation" this year has been a combination of a lot of separate activities--Ryan, my parents, and I went to the Wisconsin Dells for my work trip, Adam and I went to Minneapolis to a Twins game, Ryan and Adam made a day trip to Omaha, and Adam and I went to Des Moines to work at the race, etc. However, we haven't gone away with all three of us since a wedding/zoo trip to Omaha over Memorial Day.  Since Adam will be tied up with football every weekend until the baby arrives (hopefully), this was our one last chance to go away.  We decided to just make a quick trip to Sioux Falls so we wouldn't spend so much time driving. We left Friday after I was done at work, picked up Ryan from my parents where he'd spent the day, and drove the hour to Sioux Falls. I'd had a major craving for Fuddrucker's, so Adam and Ryan obliged and we took turns trying to distract Ryan by playing "I Spy" with the decor while we waited for our food. Then, we checked in at the Ramada at around 8, got into our suits, and headed to their indoor waterpark. 

It was, understandably, very busy there with many families getting in that last summer "hurrah". Ryan liked pretending to drive the pirate ship but was dead-set against going down any slides. His favorite thing was just to swim in a regular old rectangle pool, "racing" us from one end to the other. He loves swimming independently with his lifejacket on, but has a pretty weak doggy-paddle, so I spent most of the time treading water. I think next time we'll just go to a hotel with a regular pool.

An hour was enough time in the pool and we headed up to our room. We brought along his farm animals and some wooden blocks and he happily played on the carpet, setting everything up and making makeshift fences from sandals, towels, paper, and blocks.

We watched a little Olympics and Vikings football, had a few meltdowns over sleeping on the fold-out couch (I feel you, little buddy, it did not look comfy to me either!) and Ryan finally fell asleep at 10:30pm.

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