Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 years & 10 months

Ryan's imagination and story-telling and kicking into high gear. He is pretty hilarious to listen to. Many of his stories are completely made up but he is also to recall events in pretty great detail and tell us all about his day or what is going to happen next.  A "sentence" might sound like..."and  after we eat lunch we're going to have dessert and then Mommy goes back to work and then I'll take a nap and when I wake I play with Daddy and then Mommy comes home from work and we eat supper and then maybe after supper we can play for a little while or go for a walk maybe because Nika needs some exercise and then we come home and THEN what are we going to do?"

He also like to start out a sentence by saying, "Hey Guys! I have a great idea! Lets...(tackle, race, build a zoo, etc.)" He also makes up songs now. He could sing "Wild, Wild, Wild Kratts. Wild, Wild Wild Kratts" (just those words) for 15 minutes straight, and the other night started singing "Taco Bell, Taco Shell" except he pronounces short "e's" like a long "a" so it sounds like "Taco Baaaaaaaaaaale, Taco Shaaaaaaaale." No idea where he picked that up from.  With the amount of talking/singing/screeching/crying he does, it's no wonder that he keeps losing his voice. He sounds hoarse about 1 day/week and we're a little concerned that either mild allergies or vocal nodules are causing it, but it probably sounds worse than it feels.

We've tried to start working on a few sounds (like keeping his teeth closed and hiding his tongue when making an "s" sound) and a few mis-cued words. Like, zebra instead of zah-we-bra and Olympics instead of Galympics.  Tonight, though, I had to laugh when he asked if we could go "downstends" (he's always called it this) and I corrected him by saying, slowly, "Ryan, can you say Down-STAIRS?" and he gave me a patronizing look and in the same condescending voice asked, "Yes, Mommy, can YOU say downSTEPS?"
Ryan has been working on table manners to and does a much better job saying "please," "thank-you," "may I be excused," etc.  We've really been working on potty-training intensely while Ryan is at home and he's been doing pretty well, going most of the day in underwear. We're getting close and just need to work on being consistent.  He's loving his time home with Daddy now that baseball and camps are over and football hasn't started yet.  They go on lots of fun adventures together, riding bikes, going to the park, running errands, playing CandyLand, and as he informed me today "playing dodgeball." Oh boy.
We painted Ryan's new room, put up curtains, a storage unit and a picture of Target Field. Now we are just waiting for his furniture to be delivered. He's excited about it, in theory, but we'll see how the transition to the basement goes...hopefully happening next month. He still seems excited about the baby and will explain to others, "When it snows and Christmas comes, then we are going to have a baby and right now it's in Mommy's tummy and the doctor is going to help it come out." He asked Adam the other night where the baby was going to sleep and Adam said the baby would sleep in a crib, he announced, "I'm going to put my new bed right by the crib so I can sleep by the baby."  He alternatively tells people he wants a brother or a sister. We are enjoying this time with him before the busy fall starts and hope to have a few more fun summer memories!

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