Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fire Trucks!

Tonight we went to a Chili Supper Fundraiser for 3 area fire departments, hosted by Living Water Church.  Ryan was beyond excited to check out all the fire trucks, including one with a ladder that was about as tall as a 3-story building! As we walked in, he said hi to a "fire dog" and was a little surprised that the dog talked to him. He asked, "How come that dog talks instead of woofs?"

We had a great supper with all the food donated by area businesses- chili with toppings, hot dogs, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, and drinks.  Ryan was also excited that his buddy, Collin, was there (and dressed for the occasion!) After eating, they went to check out the fireman who was climbing up the big tall ladder.

Finally, they got to crawl through the trucks and check out all the equipment. It was hard to get Ryan to come out of the backseat of this truck!
It was a very fun event for Ryan and Cohen did a good job sleeping or smiling through most of it. Plus, it's always a bonus when someone else cooks and cleans up supper!

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