Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ice and Hives

This week we experienced a freak ice/snow storm including heavy ice, about 5" of snow, and many downed trees. Orange City didn't get hit as hard as other surrounding towns and our neighborhood doesn't have mature trees, so it wasn't as big of a deal as it was in other areas where they've spent days cleaning up branches and went days without power. It has to be some kind of record, though, having a snow day on April 11!

On Wednesday, we gave Cohen some formula for the first time. We wanted to see if it worked for him since we may need to start supplementing soon, there is a possibility that I need to travel later in the month, and I wanted to make sure he was tolerating it okay before his upcoming Dr. appointment.  He had some Similac in the morning and at lunch at daycare, but we tried 2oz. of Enfamil at 5:00pm. (We just had some samples of each from the hospital.) At 7:00pm I noticed he had a diaper blow-out and while changing him, discovered that he'd broken out in hives on his entire back, torso, one cheek, and a little on his arms.  They lasted through most of the night but didn't seem to bother him a whole lot. His breathing remained fine and he wasn't fussier than normal. We just gave him a cool bath and were careful when burping him since they were hot and looked painful. We suspected an allergy to the Enfamil because of the timing. Later in the week, we gave him Similar Advance a few times and haven't seen any reaction to that brand. I'm going to discuss it with his Dr. on Monday but for now, we think it's just something in the Enfamil brand. Research online shows that certain brands/types can cause allergic reactions in babies and for him, it happens to be Enfamil.

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