Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunny Saturday

Saturday morning started out early (Ryan was up by 6:00), cold, and rainy. I had made a cinnamon roll bundt cake for breakfast. Which made me wonder where all the cocoa powder lobbyists were when the Supreme Court of Acceptable Breakfast Items decided that cinnamon was going to be the deciding factor in classifying baked goods as breakfast or dessert. But I digress.

Adam had a spring ball practice, so Ryan, Cohen, and I hung out inside for the morning. Ryan even built a fort for Cohen and then sang a few nursery rhymes to him.

We had homemade Fuddruckers burgers and fries for lunch (use the seasoning on burgers and toss with potatoes and olive oil) and then tried to do the nap thing.

That didn't go so well.

Adam and I were switching off trying to get Cohen to sleep and Adam was working on school stuff, so we sent Ryan back to bed for the first few of his "appearances" but then just kind of ignored him since he was quiet. I eventually discovered that Ryan had snuck, undetected, upstairs to our bed and was hiding under the blankets. I decided to just ignore him and let him sweat it out. When he did emerge, he had a piece of black vinyl stuck to him and we eventually discovered he had spent the early part of his "nap" picking off and rearranging the letters on our "Family Rules" wall art at the bottom of the stairs.  He was surely planning ahead too, as we discovered while he was sitting in time-out while Adam was left to piece together the rule "Be Forgiving."

The weather had turned favorable, so Adam took Ryan out to try out his bike.  After receiving it for Christmas and giving it one unsuccessful try in the gym, this time he stuck with it and by the time he got back from the park, he was showing me how he could pedal by himself and even steer in circles!

 Ryan did NOT want to come back inside, so we traded off and I ended up taking him and Nika on a walk. He did a great job controlling Nika and we made it all the way to the head of the Puddle Jumper Trail. Ryan loves collecting sticks and soft pine needles along the way and embellished many of the pictures someone before us had drawn in the path. (sorry, whoever was having a treasure hunt/running motivation!) Thanks to Wild Kratts, I convinced him that sticks are happier "free and in the wild" so we could leave them on the path instead of hauling them home. We also had fun playing with our shadows on the way home. It was all fun and games until he wiped out about 100 feet from our house and drama ensued. It makes me wonder how bad it's going to be when he actually draws blood!

At home, he played baseball and on the swingset until dark. I think he spent 4.5 straight hours outside.  I couldn't think of a thing to make for supper, so I ended up going with Ryan's suggestion of pancakes and threw in some sausage links and grapes to call it a meal. So, yes, we had breakfast for supper but since we had cake for breakfast, I figured this was a step up. By the time we ate it was 8:00 and Ryan was so tired out from no nap and playing outside all day that he didn't even protest going to bed.

We LOVE nice days and can't wait for more of them!

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