Saturday, April 13, 2013


Here are a few of Ryan's recent comments:

"Storm, storm, go away. Come again on Mother's Day."
~Sung during this week's ice/snow storm.

"Look Mommy, I have a tail!"
~Clenching and waving a long piece of TP that he'd been using to wipe. I don't know what it is about little boys and liking to run around naked but it's hard for this "I only had sisters" momma to understand.

"1,2,3,4,5. Mommy, why does that lady only have 5 teeth?"
~Asked loudly in the nursing home after several nice residents smiled at him in the hallway.

Ryan: "Mommy, why does [Great-Grandpa's roommate at the nursing home] look like his nose is taped to his face?"
Me: "Because [Great-Grandpa's roommate at the nursing home]'s nose IS taped to his face."  (Seriously, he has a prosthetic nose and holds it on with Scotch tape, when he decides to wear it. He is really nice though and loves talking to the kids!)

Ryan: "Can I have dessert?"
Grandma S: "This is dessert" (referring to the cherry pie filling/jello topped with pudding/whipped cream "salad" I'd brought for supper)
Ryan: "Grandma, Jello is NOT dessert."
~Raised that kid right. He eventually conned his way into a mini ice cream cone.

Grandpa V: "Why do I always have to be the bad guy? How come you always get to be the good guy?"
Ryan: "Because I live in Orange City."
Grandpa V: "So, just because I live in Sioux Center, I'm the bad guy?"
 Ryan: "Uh...YEAH!"
 (I SWEAR we did not teach him anything about this rivalry. It must be in the water.)

Ryan: "Tonight?" "Like Today?"
Me: "Yes, today, but later tonight."
Ryan: "You mean today?
Me:"Yes, tonight."
Ryan: "Tonight?"
~Ryan not understanding that tonight is part of the same day, just later today. We can go round and round like this forever like Abbott and Costello.

Ryan and Cohen got to spend Friday at grandma's playing with Saylor. Before heading home, we stopped to visit Great Grandpa for an hour where Ryan talked his ear off, including demonstrating how a frog would hop through the nursing home if it ever got inside (and how it would probably get lost in Grandpa's closet) and explaining how beavers cut down trees to build dams and demonstrating how they slap their tail on the water to warn others about danger (picture that scene!). On the way home, Adam called because he'd accidentally locked his keys in his truck in Alton, so we stopped at home where I foraged for any spare key I could find, drove to Alton, discovered none of them were right, brought Adam back home where he found a key I'd missed, drove back to Alton, then finally arrived home at 7:45 with none of us having eaten. Since Ryan was such a trooper through the whole evening, I let him stay up to watch the first hour of Peter Pan that I'd DVR'd.  He loved it and now uses it as a verb, "I want to Peter Pan you!" which means fight with fake swords.

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