Sunday, May 26, 2013

Great Grandpa and Grandma's Farm

On Saturday morning, we headed up to Minnesota to Adam's grandparents. Cohen hadn't driven more than an hour before, but he did fine on the 4.5 hour drive, mostly doing this:
While Ryan did this:
(Photo credit on both: Rynomite)

Ryan watched a straight-to-DVD sequal to Peter Pan called "Back to Neverland" 3x in two days but both were decent travelers. Once we arrived, Cohen headed with the rest of the ladies to a shower for the fiance of Adam's cousin. We had a very nice shower and it was good getting to see many family members and getting to know Jessica a little.  Adam and Ryan stayed at the farm where Ryan got to go visit the cows and get a tractor ride with Great Uncle Tim! Ryan took the camera around to document some of his other favorite things about Great Grandpa and Grandma's farm:

1. Grandma humoring him
2. The wooden barn and fendce made by Great-Grandpa
3. The stairs up to his own room 
4. The wooden train
5. Great Grandpa listening to all his stories
6. The barns

But one of the most precious things was Great-Grandpa sharing a story out of the picture Bible used with his own kids. Ryan also told Great-Grandpa some of the stories and songs he's been learning at church. It was a beautiful picture of faith through the generations (and a Mountain Dew can).

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