Friday, May 31, 2013


When I was young, I think we enjoyed coming up with names for the short-lived farm cats that stuck around for a season or two more than we enjoyed having the cats. Today Ryan was talking about if he ever saw a black kitty , he would name it Blackie. So, I asked him what he would name other colors of cats. It's a fun little insight into color associations of a 3-year old.

Black- Blackie
Orange- Orangey or Pumpkin
Black and White- Dalmation
Gray- Muddy
Brown- Brown Kitty Brown Kitty
Striped- Zebra Kitty
Green- Froggy
Blue- Blueberry Cutie
Purple- Vikings or Dutch
Red- FIRE!
Yellow- Sunshine
Pink- Cutie Sweetie Kitty

Another fun anecdote that I recently shared on Facebook is that Ryan is in the stage where he thinks it's funny to call me by my first name. We've just ignored it (since he's just looking for a reaction) or told him he can call me Mommy. The other day when he said, "Hey, Coitney" (still no R sound), I told him to try again. He responded, "Yes, your majesty."

That's more like it.

 Now if only it wasn't dripping in sarcasm.

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