Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ryan: 3 Years, 7 Months

April has been a weird month of snow some days, and outside playtime other days. Ryan's favorite "snow day" activities inside have been puzzles, tackling with daddy, playing with Cohen, and arts/crafts like coloring, play-doh, or painting.  His favorite outdoor activities are learning to ride his bike, swing on the playset, launch stomp rockets, and sidewalk chalk.

At the end of April, unfortunately, Ryan developed pink eye and an ear infection, but I was so proud of how well he did at the doctor, just a few days after having a great dentist visit. I can see him maturing in many ways lately, including how he talks, thinks through multiple steps, or understands jokes/inferences and he can do a great job re-telling a story, such as what he learned in Sunday School.  He is also growing quite a bit physically as his 3T pants and shirts hanging on through this wintry spring are getting a bit short. Fortunately, some of his 3T shorts still work, but we're going to have to find more 4T shirts and pajamas for summer. At his doctor's visit, he weighed 40.2lbs. We also cut his hair much shorter at his last appointment and I think we might have to go that route from now on, because any length starts getting out of control very quickly with the extra-thick patch on top and a stellar cowlick.

Just for something different this month, I asked him a bunch of questions as we talked before bedtime. Here are the answers I can remember. All of them had a very long and complicated answers, but I'll just try to stick to the facts, ma'am.

Favorite bug: "boxy" box (box elder bugs) and butterflies, because they're beautiful
Favorite animal with 4 legs: horses, because they can run really fast
Favorite bird: robins and blue jays
Favorite thing to have for breakfast: "that new kinds of cereal you got, mommy" (Kix and Golden Grahams)
Favorite snack: Avengers fruit snacks (at daycare)
Favorite thing to have for supper: (he answered this with a riddle=it has juice inside and has apple seeds inside).
Favorite drink: regular milk, well actually chocolate milk. But not water, water is kind of yucky for me
Favorite thing to do outside: When Daddy pushes me on the swing like Batman
Favorite kids to play with: Saylor, Emily and Lincoln (his cousins)
Favorite CD: Mickey Mouse Nursery Rhymes
If you could go one place in the whole world, where would be: K's house (daycare) He then went into a long demonstration of a new race track toy they got. I am so lucky he enjoys going to daycare!

Ryan has a knack of making Cohen smile and laugh and it's so fun to see how Cohen will just stare at him and break out in a huge grin while they make each other giggle. I also love how Ryan talks to him in a little gentle voice "Hey, Coh-wen...hey little buddy...hey there, Coh-wen!"  Although Ryan hasn't displayed much sibling rivalry, I found a great book at the library called "With All My Heart" which is a great way to describe how a mom loves BOTH of her children "the best".  Ryan loves his brother too, despite what you see here:

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