Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tulip Festival: Parades

Ryan strikes a pose in the wooden shoe.
This week was Ryan's 2nd Tulip Festival as an Orange City resident. Since we don't have costumes or participate as volunteers, we don't feel "all in" yet. We're still learning the ins and outs of just attending.  This year Adam took the boys to the Thursday afternoon parade, I took them to the Saturday night parade, and we all went to both Friday parades. All in all, 4 parades was more than enough and Ryan seemed to lose interest by Friday night, but it was still something to do and we had fun visiting with different people at each parade.

Friday afternoon was Ryan's favorite as he spotted his friend and a big tub of water. He was soaked from head to toe before the street scrubbers came by. One important lesson for afternoon parades: wear sandals and bring a change of clothes!

Making a "Splash" with his friend.
Cohen spent most of the time being held or snoozing in his stroller in the shade but Ryan spent most of this parade waving to the floats and telling me to take pictures of the horses.

Friday afternoon parade
Other favorite parts of the parades were the marching bands. Ryan spotted my cousin Carter in his 6th grade band (he's the tallest one).

He also loved the Tiger mascot from OCCS and the Pride of the Dutchmen band. It just wouldn't be a parade without "Championship"

I have a feeling these two may be future POD members:

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